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Divorce FAQs

Answers button   I’m afraid of my spouse. What do I do if I think he/she will become violent?

Answers button   I don’t want a divorce yet. Can I get a legal separation first?

Answers button   I want to get a divorce. Should I do anything to prepare?

Answers button   What are the grounds for divorce?

Answers button   What does a “no fault” divorce mean?

Answers button   What does it mean to “file” for divorce?

Answers button   How much does a divorce cost?

Answers button   Can I do my divorce myself to save money?

Answers button   How can I get an “online” divorce?

Answers button   How long will it take to get my divorce?

Answers button   Will my spouse have to pay my attorney’s fees if I don’t have any income?

Answers button   I won’t be able to pay bills if I file for divorce because I am a stay-at-home mom. Are there any options for me?

Answers button   My spouse hired an attorney and they want me to sign a “waiver of service.” What effect will it have if I sign this?

Answers button   What is an “agreed divorce?”

Answers button   What is “Collaborative Divorce?”

Answers button   Can I keep my own 401k?

Answers button   I own a business. Will my spouse get part of it when we divorce?

Answers button   I think my spouse has secret accounts that she stashes money in. How will I know how much she has?

Answers button   Will I get any part of the secret accounts in the divorce?

Answers button   Who will get to keep the house?

Answers button   We won’t be able to afford our mortgage payment if we file for divorce and have two households. Is there anything we can do to prevent foreclosure?

Answers button   My spouse put the house, car and bank accounts in his name. Will I be able to get part of them?

Answers button   My spouse has a much higher salary than I do. Will I get spousal support?

Answers button   I have some things that I have done in the past that I fear will hurt my case for custody. Is there anything I can do?

Answers button   I had an extramarital affair. Will my spouse get custody of the children?

Answers button   I want to move away from the area after the divorce and take the children, will the courts allow that?

Answers button   How much child support will I get?

Answers button   My paycheck includes overtime that is not consistent. Will the courts factor that in when they calculate child support?

Custody FAQs
(Answers Coming Soon)

Answers button   I never married my child’s father, does he have to do anything to get his rights?

Answers button   My child’s father hasn’t been paying child support, do I have to allow him to see our child?

Answers button   My child’s mother is willing to reduce my child support because I am not working right now, do we have to go to court?

Answers button   My child’s mother and I have never been married and now she won’t let me see our child?

Answers button   I am a father, what are the chances of me getting custody?

Answers button   I have a lot more money than my child’s father, I can provide a nicer home and better opportunities, will I most likely get custody based on these factors?

Answers button   My child’s father is from another country, I fear he may take the child without my permission, what can I do?

Answers button   What happens in a social study?

Answers button   My spouse drinks and/or uses drugs, what can I do to lower the risk of my child being exposed to that?

Answers button   My child is 12 years old, is it true that he can decide who he wants to live with?

Answers button   Can I get custody of our daughter and my husband get custody of our son?
If the child’s mother and I split custody, half and half, do I have to pay child support?

Answers button   I have been a stay at home mom, will this hurt me when I try to get custody of my children?

Answers button   I travel with my job, how will this effect custody and visitation?

Answers button   I work weekends, will I still get to have standard visitation?

Answers button   Once I get child support, does the child’s father also have to pay half of daycare?

Answers button   Who pays for medical insurance for the children?

Answers button   If the child’s mother is required by the court to pay for medical insurance, does she also have to pay for dental insurance?

Answers button   I have proof that my child’s mom spends her child support on things for herself, what can I do to stop this?

Answers button   My child’s mom wants me to pay her child support, but she makes about 3x what I do. Will I still have to pay her child support?

Answers button   If I choose to not see my child, do I still have to pay child support?

Answers button   I have children with two different mothers, do I have to pay them both 20%?

Answers button   My child’s mother is allowing the child to watch movies that I think are inappropriate for the child and she allows him to play violent video games, can I get the court to order that she not do that?

Answers button   The father of my children has suggested that we not involve the courts and instead has offered to just pay me for things as they come up and has volunteered to buy diapers, etc., is this a good alternative to child support?

Answers button   He says he will give me more than child support if we do it this way, should I consider this?

Answers button   The mother of my child says she will let me see my children any time I want and doesn’t want to involve the courts, should I try this instead?